VP Technologies, based in California,
is an innovative engineering company
that serves as a bridge between the
West and the East. We bring the most
modern technologies, equipment, and
materials for highway construction,
repair, and maintenance.

VP Technologies is an official
distributor of the leading Western
companies in the field of road
technologies, equipment, and materials.

We have a giant network of customers
that covers 1/6 of the Earth. Our
customers build roads in Russia,
Ukraine, Republic of Belarus,
Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia,
Georgia, and the other countries of the
Commonwealth of Independent States.

Our professionals are highly qualified
engineers and marketing experts. We
know how to operate successfully in
unique business environments.

If you have a good product, we can find
you a customer for it!
Who We Are
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VP Technologies adjusts Western know-how to Russian conditions. We make the
importation of equipment and materials a simple and easy process that happens
seamlessly for our Customers. We have a unique skill of transmitting the technical
information to our Customers because we speak the same language - the unique
Roadmen language.
Our most important asset is the trust of our Customers. Any new product suggestion that we
offer them is always welcome and gets immediate attention of the decision makers. This
makes the introduction of new products easy for our suppliers, old or new.
If you manufacture a product for the road construction industry and would like to expand
your markets to new horizons, all you need to do is to give us a call. We will do the rest to
make your product successful in a new part of the world.
VP Technologies является активным участником Международной Ассоциации Сларри Систем,
которая продвигает концепцию превентивного содержания автодорог по технологии сларри сил и
VP Technologies is a proud member of ISSA, International Slurry Surfacing Association.
ISSA promotes the concept of pavement preservation with the increased and more efficient use of slurry
and micro surfacing